If you haven't already noticed, we've introduced an exciting new function where registrants can access their own registrations.

At the beginning of the registration page BEFORE registrants enter their personal information, there's a link on the bottom that asks them if they have 'Already Registered?' (as shown below)*

Simply copy it from the ‘Links’ page in the backend of your event setup, ie the same place that your registration link is displayed, pssst this is the very last tab of the event setup wizard… or you can click on the link button from your “my accounts” page!

A Handy Tip: Add the link to your event marketing comms so that participants can quickly and easily get back to manage their team, individual or family registration, they’ll love you for it!

Once they've clicked on the 'Already Registered?' link, it will take them directly to the next section where they have 3 options into viewing their registration.

Option 1 - 'Enter your email address':

Firstly,  they will need to submit their email address that will allow the system to find their registration and send them an email, which will include a direct access link to any registrations they have for your event. By the way, if you're wondering, it doesn't matter if they do or don't have an account with us - but more about that later..

Once they have received their email, they will be given a link that states which event they've entered and who owns the registration.  

Beside the participants name, it has an 'Access' function that will take them to their registration page.

Please note that as soon as the email address is submitted, the links are encrypted and valid for only 20 minutes. But don't worry - there is a simple and instant resend button that will provide them with a fresh, new link!

Option 2 - 'Login with Register Now Account':

Secondly, they can login - this option is only for users that have already created a Register Now profile. Logging in from this page means that they will be automatically directed to their registration regardless of the participant status (incomplete, unpaid so on).

Option 3 - 'Create a Register Now Account':

Thirdly, they can Create their own account – users can create their own Register Now profile which will match them back up with their event registration in the system.


This function is available now on ALL registration forms across the system. We have already experienced significant use with over 1,000 participants accessing their registrations in the first 24 hours of the function being live! 


We can get excited about the new functions added and those that are coming in the next couple of months as we expand the system.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to call us on 1800 734 669 or email us - support@registernow.com.au