After deciding on which report you wish to download, click on the "Run" or "Customise" button. 

Run Button

This button will open the ‘Run Report’ page for the type of report you have selected. You can then specify what format type you would like the report.

- XLSX - this option generates a Excel file in 2007/2010

- XLS - this option generates a Excel file in 97-2003

- CSV - this option generates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

You can also specify how the report is sorted. This allows you to sort the data for up to 3 columns in ascending or descending order.

Customise Button
This button allows you to customise the fields you wish to download within the report. The fields contained within the report are based on that of the standard report. The columns and number order are already chosen for you and you can modify from there.

Build New Report
You can choose to build a new report for any of the 3 report types. Choose which type of report you require and then click the “Build New Report” button. The columns and number order are all blank so you can choose any of the fields as required.

Report Builder
This page allows you to specify which columns you wish to appear in the report and in what order. Tick the box to select the column and then type a number for the order of the columns.

Report Filters
On the Report Builder page there are various filters based on your event setup that you can select from. This will allow you to download only certain data and apply filters as necessary. The standard settings would be to select “Paid” and “Re-entered” people and to leave all other fields blank.

Save Report

You can then save the report with your unique values saved. The report is then shown on the default reports page in the Custom Reports section. From there you can Run the report with your saved values.