To access the event reports, click the Reports button on the "My Accounts" or "My Events" page.

The registration reports displays details for each online registration for your event. Not all fields are necessarily filled in, as it depends on each different event and how it's been setup.

There are 8 different report types and the columns in each of the reports are slightly different. The first 3 are the most common.
- Participant Report  -  people who are registered in your event. Only paid people are shown by default. 

- Charge Item Report  -  shows individual line items for each charge type that has been paid for.
- Payment Report - the payments that have been made on your event ID.

- Group Report - if you have group registrations, this is a summary report of the groups in your event.

- Team Report - if you have team registrations, this is a summary report of the teams in your event.

- Optional Items Report - is a summary report for each of the optional items you have available and their quantities (like a stock report).

- Fundraiser Report - if you event has fundraising enabled, this is the details about each person who is a fundraiser.

- Donation Report - if you have fundraising enabled, this shows the donor details and who they donated to.

Example -
A man registers for an event with an entry cost of $50 and then buys a T-Shirt for $20. His wife also registers at the same time and her entry is $50.

In the participant report there will be 2 lines of participant details such as name and address etc. for the 2 people.

In the Charges report there will be 3 lines of data, $50 / $20 / $50

In the Payments report, there will be 1 line of data for a payment for $120.

The report information is different within each report type and you can customise / filter your reports for various purposes. 

 - click Customise next to the report type you wish to customise.

 - then tick all the boxes you wish to appear in your report, then save.

After you customise a report, it will appear on the reports page and you can then run your report.