If you have setup your event to use the recurring or series payment functions, this stores a future trigger in our batch payment system.
 - please note - we do not store credit card details, but we can trigger a secondary payment on a payment record stored on the payment gateway.

If you have setup your event with a monthly payment scenario, then all the future payments are stored in this section. 

If you wish to delete some or all of these future payments you can use this section to do so.

You can search for people based on set criteria - 

Future payments are then shown to you and you can delete as necessary.

It is not possible to change the credit card details of the future payment as we do not store the credit card details.

 - you can delete the future payments, then ask the person to register again with new card details.

If you wish to change the payment amount, then please email us and we can change it for you - Click Here
 - you must have expressed consent from the person for the new payment value.