The link tab is where you finish off the event setup process.

Once you are happy with all the setup details you can click the "Finish" button to finish the event. The event may need to be approved by us and then the event hyperlink will be shown to you on this page.

Once the event is finished, the event hyperlinks will be shown to you. If you have chosen to display a public participant list, the URL link to that page is also shown here.

Use the "Registration Form" link as the link that you will put on your website for registration.

 - the link and the HTML version of that link is contained within the "Event Approved" email that is sent to you when the event is approved.

Once the event setup is finished, there is a variety of ways to test the page. If the event is not open yet, you cannot test as a public person.
 - you can also test the page as an administrator, which does not enforce some of the required fields. 

You are shown 3 different ways you can test the page -

The social networking buttons allow you to publish your event details to a social media network.
EG - if you have a Facebook page for the event, you can publish the link to the registration page on your Facebook page.

The audit history details show you who setup the page and on what date.
The last modified details shows who and when the event was last modified.