The cardholder surcharge tab is where you can choose to pass on the registration fees to the person making payment.

This can be set in 2 ways.

Pass on exact fees - this will pass on the fees that you pay to Register Now onto the person.

Specific Amount - this is any fee that you choose to set. Either or both of these can be set.
- Surcharge Amount - is a $ amount that will be added on.
- Surcharge Percentage - this is a set % amount that is added on.
This can also apply to 2 different scenarios.
- Apply to Registration Fee - this sets the surcharge on the registration amount rather than the total payment amount.
- Apply to Payment - this is the total payment.

So if you set the fees at $2 and 3% then a person making a $50 payment will get $3.50 added to the payment for a total of $53.50

Please Note - do not set a surcharge that is unrealistic for the person making payment. There are bank laws that allow you to add a "Reasonable" fee to provide these services.