The promotion codes tab allows you to setup a discount for those that have a special code.

You can apply a fixed payment amount or a % amount for the persons payment.
You can also set a date range that they are applicable. so you may send out an email to say "register by XXX date and receive a 10% discount by using this code ZZZ"

NEW! Maximum Uses

Please note: Maximum Uses is an optional field. If this field does not apply you do not need to enter anything.
You can specify a maximum number of uses for this Promotion Code. If this field is used then the system will mark this Promotion Code as sold out once this Promotion Code has been used this many times.
You can enter any postitive whole number in this field. e.g. 10
  Please note:- the % promotion codes are applied to the Participant (person) - NOT at the Team and/or Family level.
 - so if using a promotion code for a team entry, it must be a discount amount, not a % amount.
The "Name" is the code name text they will use on the registration page. 

You can set the maximum uses of a promotion code. This is useful when you wish to restrict the promotion code issued to just 1 use or a small quantity such as 10. Once the maximum uses is reached, then it cannot be used by any more people.