Pricing Age Brackets are used when you wish to apply a different price to the 1 category based on the persons age.
eg. Entry is $30 for an Adult and $20 for a child.

Age Brackets are an optional setting for an age selection of those people registering. When you add the first age bracket, 2 age brackets will actually be added automatically. If you add in a 3rd Age Bracket it will be inserted between the first and the last age bracket. The minimum age is automatically set for every Age Bracket based on existing data. Please type the name of the Age Bracket and the Maximum Age. Please ensure you have set the "Age Calculation Date" on the "Event Details" tab.

If you add the first age bracket as "Under 18" with a max age of 17, then the second one with a min age of 18 is also added.
- then you can edit the name on the second age bracket.

If you wish to add more age brackets, then it will be inserted in between the first two.
eg. if you add Adult with a max age of 64 then it will be inserted in the middle.

Then rename the last age bracket as 65+

This will allow you to set three prices for the one Event Category based on the age of the person.

When you go to the "Event Prices" tab you will be able to set the 3 different prices based on age.